Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my new thingy

Look what I have just bought!! A quilting frame. I wasn't ready to buy one just yet, I thought I would get to purchase Sarah's when she upgraded, but this came along by chance for $500. and I thought it was too good of a bargain to miss!!


Annie said...

Wow! I wouldn't know how to drive such a big machine. Glad the link was inspriational. It did me good last weekend.

Suzi-q said...

Welcome to blogland Sarah's mum, I can see she has you spending all of your hard earned money on quilting stuff....well taught Sarah

Keep up the great work

kristy said...

Wow! you are all set now with that quilting doover.
Bet you wonder what you used to do with yourself before you started quilting. I am so slack with my blog as you have noticed. I am just not a very good photographer!
Anyway, welcome to blogland.
Kristy x

Sarah said...

Have fun with it Mum
Sarah xx

Roseanne said...

well u got that dover for a bargen. I have doverd my second Quilt on sarahs dover i had a lot of fun with it .so i hope u have a lot of fun with ur dover .and ur blog is very good.
roseanne (razzy)