Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Go Cart

I keep calling it a Go Cart, I don't know why, but I do,and this is the new addition to the family. When my husband took up golf it was for exercise and because he needed a hobby. But one year down the road he suffered pain in the knee, and officialy has gout/arthritis. He hinted, then pleaded and finaly begged for a golf cat,that was fun!, He now has one, and wouldn't you know it, the doctor has changed his meds and the pain is easing considerably! Anyone want to buy a used Go Cart! It comes with a used husband with a dicky knee!!


Roseanne said...

I need that go cart to get aroung the nursing home. lol... Your quilt are very nice and I am shore Sarah will help you fix your quilts. It is nice to see you are blogging again.
X Razzy

Sarah said...

Hey Mum! Nice pic! Sometimes, yes, sometimes you are nice to poor old Dad!
x Sarah

Roseanne said...

HAPPY birthday to you Gail I do hope you had a good day with your family and friend. Sarah said that she had a lovely holiday with you all.

Gloria J W said...

Happy Birthday....Just read Sarah's blog and she said it was your Birthday! So many happy returns
Cheers Gloria