Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kody with a K

This is my latest muck up! I made a baby quilt for a new grandbaby for a lady at work...All through the pregnancy it was Cody John, I say again C.O.D.Y. When he was born I double checked.....C.O.D.Y. Correct. I went ahead and finished the lovely Winsome Quilt . Leonie was happy when I pesented her the finished item. Two hours later she approached me to whisper,Cody with a K. What is it with these young ones??? Why do they have to be creative with the spelling of A name? I have tried different ways to change the C to a K, but to me, it still looks like a C trying to be a K! Might have to wait until you get here Sarah, your talents might be handy!


Sarah said...

Bugga Bugga Bugga! I am sure we can work something out when I get there! Looks like I will be quilting for 'board' hehehe
x Sarah

welsh penny said...

What will Dennis do for his board! A car service? Bring his tools!