Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Finaly a finish!.... A big cushion!....I saw this design in a craft shop in Tassie [can't remember the name of the shop!] and I loved what they had done with the pillow. I bought 3 x 1/2 yds of the Fabric, [can you believe not one piece had a collection name on it! ] and with Sarah's and Vicky's direction I strip sewed the 3 fabrics, cut them into blocks, and with a sneaky photo from Kate, my direction was set! George likes it too! ...He is going to vet surgery early in the morning for needle, pills, nail clip and long overdue hair cut!


Katrina said...

It turned out just wonderful. Maybe one of the blog ladies might recognise the fabric. It would be nice to get more from the collection for your stash..lol. Katie x

Sarah said...

Cushion looks great.... MUCH better than that Crappy one!
Looks like George tried to get in that pic.... I can just see his legs lol
x Sarah

Roseanne said...

I do like this cushion. The colours are very nice.