Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Bloody Hell! What have we Queenslander's done To Deserve Another Disaster?

What's The Old Saying...."It Never Rains, But It Pours!"... Well It's Going To Pour!

We Are In Boyne Island, 1 Hour From Rockhampton, Well Below The Storms Path, But I Assume We Will Get Some Rain And Wind. ...Nobody Here Seems To Be Worried, So I Won't Let It Worry me! ....Bullsh..! Have You Seen The Size Of That Thing???? It Only Has To Move A Little South And We Will Know All About It!....Look Out Queenslanders! Stay Safe!


The Patch Craft said...

Keep safe. We have friends in Boyne Island too.

Roseanne said...

Keep save Gail stay in side. This storm is a big one. I do hope it misses you.